Course philosophy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses expressive and creative processes to aid the participant and reconnect with their inner feelings and emotions. Fantasy and imagination are two of the most powerful components of this human experience. How we think, plan, daydream, imagine, fantasize - our deeper feelings and intuition – can be expressed in a variety of ways as one allows individual creativity to flow.

I am interested in people as artists, mythmakers and storytellers and in the effects of these roles on their experiences of themselves and their lives. Creativity in this sense is an intrinsic part of being human and the bridge to self awareness and the necessity of expressing it. The art group supports this premise.

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Belle McDonnell, PhD
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Creative tools: Finding Creativity Within Support Groups

Ongoing throughout the Year 

Women are invited to

Cultivate Creativity

Cultivate creativity

The voice of the heart is not necessarily formed of words, but rather feelings (instinct, inspiration, beauty, playfulness, focus, intention) which are gifts but need expression. Though often subtle, they can be expressed through cultivating one’s creativity and spirituality.

This expansion of individual creativity will come through a series of exercises including guided visualization techniques, art activities, memoir, storytelling and jewelry craft. Focus will be on exercises to:

  • Find inspiration in the world around you
  • Get over creative blocks and fear of failure
  • Discover and use images from the unconscious
  • Use memories to engage the imagination
  • Begin to give time, permission, and nourishment to your creativity

Ongoing courses consists of 2 hourly sessions in an intimate setting in Graton California

For more information, please contact Dr. Belle McDonnell;